Repatriation of deceased foreigners who die in Thailand

Hotel & Resort Management


Personal Insurance: Protect and take care of you from various risks to help you live a good life whenever unexpected events happen.

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Motor Insurance

A lot can happen on the road, Motor Insurance gives you more coverage. Everywhere you go, you can be sure that you’ll be provided with the most attentive and reliable service.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident insurance helps you deal with any situation, comfortably. With over 280 hospital networks around Thailand, you can rest easily if you are in good hands. Experience a new way to be insured and buy online insurance all the time.

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Travel Insurance

Your worry-free trip. Buy online easily in 3 minutes and get instant coverage. Variety of comprehensive plans to cover trip, flight, medical expenses, property and more! Choose a plan that fits your needs and travel style.

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Health Insurance

Personal Health Insurance will be your assistant when unexpected situations happen

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Property Insurance

Smart Home

Protects against physical losses caused by fire, lighting, explosion, vehicle impact, smoke, water damages, hail, windstorms, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters
Covers losses and damages of valuables such as: gems, gold, and cash
Covers losses and damages from burglaries by forceful entry with evidence of break in
Compensation for cost of temporary accommodations

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Smart Condo

Protect your condominium against all disasters, including: fire, lighting, explosion, water damages, earthquakes, and hail.
Covers breakdown or accidental damages to electrical appliances
Compensation for cost of temporary accommodations
Covers others from harm and damages caused by bites or attacks from your dogs or cats

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Business Solutions

It would not be good if your business cannot continue because of unexpected events that may happen.

Smart Plan SME

Business owners need to be ready for any business risk they are facing. Would it be better if it can protect you from these risks and provide you a peace of mind with Smart Plan SME

Group Health   The best benefits for your staff

Marine Cargo Insurance

International document that provides coverage for your cargo during the course of transit by sea, air or parcel post from warehouse to warehouse. If you import on FOB or C&F terms, you are required to insure the shipment in Thailand and the same goes for exporting on CIF terms. Importing on FOB or C&F terms and exporting on CIF terms are for your benefits. You can also save your premium so the value of your cargo is more competitive in the marketplace of the world.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance is a contract that provides coverage for the insured against non-payment of commercial debt that could arise whether it’s commercially or politically. For example, defaulting on payment or bankruptcy of the customers, government moratorium, and cancellation of important licenses, non-transfer risks, and occurrence of war, revolution or civil commotions.